Chilli, Grapes, Plums, Daffs, Cherry Trees, Eggplants, Flowers & More: Global Bounty From the Garden Journal Community!

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I'm so grateful to @simplymike for the absolute privilege of hosting this challenge once a month! It's so interesting seeing all different gardens from across the world - even more so as my garden heads into Winter! Many places have had late cold snaps, but I expect that'll be over by the time the Early May #gardenjournal challenge is on! Do feast your eyes on this summary of the garden goodness this week on HIVE - I tried something a little different here so I hope you enjoy it!

In Indonesia, @moex-photografy talks about his cousin's chilli market garden. Look at those chillis stretching for ages! My jalapeno and black chilli are doing well but I don't have anywhere near this amount, of course! It's definitely chilli season in Indonesia as @latifah1's garden journal talked about cultivating them in plastic bags.


@arlinn wrote about BASIL - one of my summer faves. Look at the huge leaves they are getting from their garden, for use in pesto and even rice!


Really cool to see a video from @skylinebuds and his no till garden and enthusiasm for lettuce and spinach! Go give him a follow as he'd going to do videos regularly. He talks about putting nutrients back into the soil - yeah man, that's my constant mission! Awesome!

@ravenking's so damn excited about his garden that he keeps posting ahead of time, haha! Hold your green horses, Raven! Their garden is so lovingly and thoughtfully planned that I can't wait to see it in the height of summer!


I love @edprivat's garden journal because of the gorgeous low angle shots he provides, and his sense of humour. Look at these beautiful dandelions catching the light! You'll also meet their chickens, looking very frazzled, although they came good with a bit of love. There's lots going on around the farm, cleaning up vines and feeling all warm and gooey under cherry trees. Here's a man who's totally hooked on this #farmlife.


We also had an entry from Kanthaloor in Kerala, India, which was super cool! A kinda travel post/gardening journal combined:

The thing that makes this place unique is its cold climate and fertile lands where people cultivate a variety of crops through out the year.

Look at the beautiful view behind that cauliflower!


We also got another one from Kerala - @pravilsabu, who wrote about one of my FAVOURITE herbs, tulasi basil!

I'm not sure if there's anyone more excited about eating vegetables than @plantstoplanks. It's pretty cool to see her getting involved in tincturing her herbs as well, such as oregano.


@isabelpena wrote about her zucchini plants - I'm totally gutted that zucchini season is over for me. It's the kind of plant that can feed a neighbourhood! @blackberryskunk's joyful post showed us just how snowy it can be, despite the daffodils and other spring delights pushing through the ground - poor doggo! The bulbs in bloom reminded me of @goldenoakfarm's flower garden, where she has planted a heap of things ready to flower - can't wait to see those in full bloom either!


Her last photo summed up things pretty well for me - cold weather, but still things ready to be planted when the weather warms up. What a cute picture of plants on the windowsill! Go check out her post - lots of veggies in as well, especially tomatoes!


In another part of the world, @me2selah spoke about growing her garden for the first time in the Phillipines in lockdown. COVID made gardeners out of many people! I really enjoyed seeing some plants that are more unusual here like okra, kalamansi and bitter gourd. Lots of her plants are in recycled bottles she got from her neighbours - gardeners are so creative!


@nateonsteemit (who really needs to change his name lol) waxed lyrical about BEAN trees - you'd have to read his post to find out what they are! Everything's going wild in his amazing permaculture garden. I've been following him for a long time so I appreciate how far he's come with what he knows and how his systems are working.


@abdulhamids talks about building an agricultural education community which I super admired.

Bring the children closer to the botanical issues would give them an abundance of benefits. They would learn empathy, see how life comes and process, and motivate them to manage daily activity as they take care of plants every day.

Check out his news clipping! Gotta love people who teach kids about the importance of gardening, agriculture, and plants, right? I loved everything about this post, including the scenery!


@jennynas wrote about the orchid. Did you know it was a patriotic symbol of Venuzuelua! Thanks for telling us this really interesting fact! Loved your flower power! @fanyokami is super passionate about her garden too, and writes about making her own coconut fibre - as I dont have coconuts here that kinda blew me away. Her succulents and bromelaids are really bringing her joy. I can tell a garden addict when I see one! @owasco also admits she's a novice gardener and not that crash hot at it yet - but she's enjoying little milestones, such as learning to protect her crops against critters that might also love to eat seedlings! It's so reat to see gardens from all over the world. @asahaja wrote about his two plants Aloe and Vera (ahaha) - reminding me I need to divide mine up as I have tons of aloe vera pups to replant. Such a great healing plant! @jinsmj03 shared many beautiful flowers - I particulary loved the yellow bougainvillea. @valentinagarciar wrote about her grapevine - I'm very jealous as the birds always steal mine! And here's me jealous again of @rosa4r's passionfruit! Check these babies out!


And then is this my first post from Mauritius? @progressivechef observes what's cheap in one country is expensive in another - I feel the same way about tropical fruits, and coconuts, living in a temperate zone. But he talks about a natal plum which they make a pickles with herbs and Indian spices with - yum. I love reading about fruits and veggies from around the world - thanks for sharing! Don't you just love biodiversity?


In South Africa, it's guava harvest time! @zo3d's desert looks to die for - I was just disappointed I didn't get an invite. Her tree is DRIPPING with fruit - so jealous! I think I'm often jealous of people's plants and amazing gardens!


Whilst this post might be hard to put together as there's a lot of posts to gush about, I love every minute of it. Thanks so much for sharing your gardens - I hope you dropped by the tag as much as you could (please keep using it through the month so us gardeners can find each other!) and commented on other people's gardens.

The winners of 10 HIVE each this month are @me2selah (stellar urban balcony efforts there!), @arunbiju969 (a new HIVE user who put a great deal of effort into sharing his grandmother's farm) and @skylinebuds for his great video and clear passion about his 'grow' journal! I also can't resist giving 10 HIVE to a late entry by @abdulhamids. Thanks guys for joining in.

100 LOTUS goes to @blackberryskunk, @edprivat and @valentinagarcier.

Until next month, may your thumbs be green, your water and sunshine plentiful, and your bugs be so well fed elsewhere they don't feast your plants!

If you'd like to sponsor next month's #gardenjournal challenge, please get in touch. You might like to sponsor the best garden from your country, or another category - this could get interesting!

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congratulations for all winners and participants☘️

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Loved your post, thanks for joining in!

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Contests like this helps to increase our knowledge on nature and its hidden benefits. Expecting more contests like this.☘️

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There will be one early April, and there's always lots of great contests in our community!

Thank you so much!! Congrats to all!

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You're welcome, I'll send you the HIVE tomorrow!

Wonderful posts out here, I'm having an hour break on a job so this might come in handy to spend that time well. I'm thinking about writing various stuff in Natural Medicine Community for some time, this readings will be quite well motivation I believe.
Also, I didn't have information about that contest at all, it's cool seenig so much dynamic stuff happening in Hive lately :)

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Oh gosh, sorry you missed it! It's been pinned in Nat Med all week, maybe check the community?

Yeah of course! Just have been scrolling and reading some of the posts, very interesting community indeed. I haven't caught the contest as I'm active mainly in art and graphic design ones. It seems to me that it is time for me to broaden my horizons. I've just started Hive month and a half ago, I'm still adjusting myself in here.

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It does take some time! I can't even keep up with the great stuff in all the HIVE communities - and I struggle to keep up with the wonderful content in Natural medicine! Lots of interesting content. Feel free to join in whenever you like! No rush.

That's really warm invite, thank you for that. I'll join for sure, no doubt about that.
Yup, it's no hurry, I'm absorbing information day by day and improving with the same pace.

Aaaaw! Thanks for the mention. I just had my first guava smoothie and it was delicious.

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Oh yuuuummmm stop it you!

ooooh so nice...

Thank you for the contest and all feedback that trigger me to make more than this! 🤩🤩🤩

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I loved your post! I'll send the HIVE over tomorrow.

Very great stuffs put together by these wonderful individuals,

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Absolutely! Loved them ALL!!!

Goodness! You sure got a lot of entries!

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I know, it was amazing, and I loved all of them!

Oh wow, I can't believe that I've won and seriously didn't expect this huge response, Thank you @naturalmedicine, @riverflows, and everyone who supported me. Congratulations to all the winners and participants Hope everyone's garden blooms with love 💕.

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No worries, I will send you some HIVE tomorrow!

Gracias por estos comentarios disfrute este recorrido de todas las publicaciones... Seguiré participnado

There is so much LUSHness and hope and green and lovely energy when a community comes together around a garden, wherever in the world it is.

A lovely compilation!

 25 days ago 

Thank You, it was so lovely to put together in this way, so if you didn't get chance to catch everyone's post, you could get a sense of the global garden!

That's what struck me too @artemislives! LUSHness. Great word. And I agree. Love the global garden. Here's to hoping I'll have weeded my little corner by the next round @riverflows ;)

Did I completely miss out on this post? Really cool, great posts, it's 140am hahaha I gotta sleep now that's enough good stuff for the night, but will come by to read them all tomorrow. Thanks for shout out, yep completely hooked on the #farmlife hahaha 😆

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You sure did! Except you're here now. xx Sleep well!

Good job there were some excellent reads!!

omg this is awesome!! i love the way you summarize and connect everyone's post. i'll keep an eye on the next garden journal!!

 25 days ago 

Oh I'm so glad. I wanted it yo be readable and interesting and not just another wrap up post. And I wanted @simplymike to enjoy it if she didn't get chance to read everyone's!

Ahhh so coool! WOW I'm mindblown about the abundance of gardening ahhh congrats everyone this is amazing, looks so juicy already!! 😍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💚

 25 days ago 

How much ABUNDANCE and diversity!!!! Really cheered me up tjis week

I'll be sure not to miss the next deadline 🙈

Thank you very much and congratulations to all.

 25 days ago 

Thanks for joining in, always love your posts.

A lot of beautiful posts you've condensed here for us to discover if we've missed out, thanks for putting this up.

And congratulations to all winners and participants alike.


And to think you fretted a bit about not having enough entries. Everyone wants to show you their garden! How lovely. There are so many ways to share nature's wealth.

That is great how you gathered all these Hive gardens around the World together. However, Katie is always at the head of the game and I have nothing yet, lol.

Although we are having warmer spring than usual, we have to wait until second half of May before we start planting here in Ontario, Canada. Also, our garden at my daughter's palce is very tiny, but we did very good with cherry tomatoes and herbs last year. We may add couple more veggies this year, hopefully they are going to do well also. So I will join gardening soon as I have something to show 💚🌿💚

Thank-you for doing such a wonderful job of curating all those amazing #GardenJournal posts so we could at least get a quick glance at each one! I reblogged it so I can get back to it easy to check out some of those posts - love to see all those gardens from all over the world!. There really is a lot of diversity there!

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Thank you, I do love the "grow" journal. Lol

Glad to see so many great post join. Can't wait for next time till than hopefully we see many more gardening post.

 25 days ago 

Whew, there were heaps this time.. I imagine May will be even busier!

Yeah, that is prime planting time around, around me anyway.