Lotus Garden Newsletter for Homesteaders. 17th February 2021

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What's the weather been like in your part of the world? It seems like we're all getting some unusual weather patterns this year. Snow in Texas of all places and summer rain in South Australia?! It seems like it's keeping us busy, anyway, so I hope you have some time enjoy what we've got for you this week.


Things happening in the community.

There's a gardening theme happening for this week's @ecotrain question of the week. You're invited to share your food gardening tips and tricks.


The month of love continues with @naturalmedicine’s challenge extended to the end of the month. There are lots of themes to choose from, so you can get practical if you don't feel like getting romantic.


Some highlights of the week

Homesteading stops for no weather! @paradoxtma has certainly been kept busy this winter and while the cold might have delayed some projects, it tags extra time onto others. There's also that chance of a nice discovery to be made, when you're no looking for it any more.


@nikv seems to be such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to succulents and cacti. This week she shares some unusual desert ones as they emerge for their winter growth period. They are so specific with their cycles and needs, I feel sure I would have killed them with my lack of knowledge and never had the chance to appreciate their emergence.

@pastoragus' experiment of self watering pots seems to be working better than expected. I feel some inspiration coming on.

This week @sreypov shares her delicious, nutritious sweet mung bean and sticky rice cakes recipe. She always presents her food so beautifully too!

Each week one of our featured authors will be selected to be a 5% beneficiary of The Lotus Garden newsletter. This week @sreypov will receive this award.

Thank you for stopping by. This week's newsletter was brought to you by @minismallholding.


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In my country there are harmattan and rain, but the current weather is confusing as we experience harmattan in the morning but hot sun before 11

in the Philippines, we call this sticky rice cakes as "palitaw" or one that floats... we flatten the uncooked glutinous rice, and drop it in boiling water. once it floats, then its cooked! same, we also sprinkle it with grated coconut with sugar and sesame seeds. It's yummy and healthy "kakanin" or snacks. 😋😀

I’d love to get some gardening tips. Always looking to learn about growing. Vegetables too 😎

 2 months ago 

As someone that ate @sreypov's delicious creation, I can testify they are uber-delicious. Seeing that wheelbarrow full of wood makes miss a campfire on a cold night, something you just can't experience in the tropics.

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