Moon Journal - The moon and us, its history and our body as a space


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It is very important first of all to understand where our connection to the moon comes from as humans, what traditions preached it and why we continue to be affected by its different phases. This helps us to have much more breadth on the subject and, in turn, it is very important to know our ancestral traditions. The moon is closely connected to our menstrual cycle, our creativity and also, our own mood. Haven't you felt on some days of the month much more creative than others? Everything is connected.

But first we must know what the phases of the moon are, so I leave you an image with its brief explanatory description so you have a clearer idea about it. Actually, although in school there is a point in the subject where we are taught about the lunar phases (once we learn about the planets) it is quite curious how we are not taught that the moon has a direct connection with women (and also with men, only that it affects them in a different way); in fact, we are not properly illustrated about our female cycle and development.

The lunar teaching, practice and connection exists perhaps since the existence of mankind on earth, our ancestral women used the different energies emanating from the moon depending on its phases for rituals, birth planning, planting, protection of the tribe and livestock, menstruation, cooking and art. We as human beings are constantly cyclical (exactly like the moon) that would be a brief explanation of why so much influence on us, men go through the same cycles of women but to a lesser degree, mostly men have greater connection with other entities of nature such as animals and the earth, as they build from it.

The synchronicity that exists between the lunar period and the menstrual period is a sign of the divine connection with the cyclical, we fulfill a cycle of sowing, growth, harvest and rest. The Crescent Moon associates its energies to initiate, begin to sow and strengthen the work, then comes the Full Moon which is the maximum expansion where there is total surrender to what we love and allows us to externalize ourselves, in the Waning Moon comes our phase of collection or harvest, it is used primarily for detachment, all that energy that we sow in the previous facets are collected in this for an individual work of personal growth to be used by the last moon, the New Moon which is the phase of rest and introspection.

There is something that we must take into consideration and that is that as the years pass the menstrual cycle has also evolved with society, the fact that sometimes our menstrual cycle is not 100% attached to the cycle of the moon does not mean that it is not influencing our spirituality, the work beyond being physical is spiritual and the same energies work being inside or outside our cycle.

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s o u r c e

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Our ancestral culture dictates

The fact that today we know this topic has only one answer and that is that our ancestors implemented in their daily lives the energies emanating from the moon, in addition, there is something that always remains in us called ancestral memory which means that in our unconscious memory have been saved. The main use of the lunar energy was linked to sowing, the culture of our lineage dictated that depending on the lunar changes a good sowing was propitiated.

But not only planting, the moon is powerful for our rituals, for the preparation of our meals and for stimulating our creative senses. Each moon represents us different rituals, to charge energies, to clean them, to attract things and to move them away, to grow spiritually, to heal...

But I think that this is such an extensive topic that it would give way to another post with more assertive definitions.

On the other hand, in terms of creativity, there are always days in which we work more fluidly and others in which we work in a more forced way, this is due to the direct influence of the moon, it is generally said that during the crescent stage is where creativity flourishes to the fullest and allows you to collect more ideas to be able to develop them during the rest of the following moons.

We have also learned that because the Full Moon possesses its own gravity, it is capable of altering the seas, since it attracts the waters towards it. This could also explain the fact that this moon affects the mood of many people, since we are also minimally attracted to the moon's gravity and can become agitated, which is why sometimes serious conflicts occur during the duration of the moon.

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s o u r c e

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Our body is our space

How can we talk about women's health without knowing our bodies? Exactly, we can't, we must first explore our probabilities and then begin to exercise on it the health it needs. Gynecology, like medicine, has its natural branch, in which there are natural alternatives for the care of the woman's uterus and her body, which we must know perfectly because we are the only ones who inhabit it.

For a long time we were taught to be ashamed of our bodies due to many social taboos, don't touch yourself, don't look at yourself and don't ask the doctor too much, why? I remember in school we were only taught that what differentiated us from males was our uterus and nothing else.

As we evolved as humans and scientific medicine made its way into society, we began to lose understanding of our own health because we ended up blindly trusting professionals (this does not detract from them at all) but we began to let go of the autonomy we had over ourselves.

So let's start by getting to know ourselves again, part by part.

Clitoris and genital glands: this organ functions primarily for sexual stimulation. We have two glands that are attached to our vulva, which are Skene glands which are located in the dome of the vagina, then there are the Bartholin's glands which are secretory and tiny, they are located on each side of the vaginal opening and are not usually noticeable (they are the ones that help with lubrication).

Vagina: incredible as it is quite taboo to use this name for our organs and it is the normal thing to do. This is the canal that connects our vulva with our internal organs, measuring approximately 7 to 12 cm in length. The secretions that come from the Bartholin's glands are in charge of cleaning the vaginal canal, isn't it amazing?

The uterus: our divinity, the uterus. It is about the size of a pear (or so it is said) and is made up of two parts: the body of the uterus and the cervix. From our puberty until menopause, the endometrium is formed every month, which means that it is the detachment of the same forming menstruation, after the cycle it regenerate again and so on every 28 days.

The ovaries: are located in our pelvis, in both parts of the uterus, each ovary is held in place by elastic ligaments, the orifice of our fallopian tubes are just below each ovary (the ovary and the opening of the fallopian tube are not in contact). The ovaries are the ones that create and send the ovule, also their main role is in our hormonal system creating progesterone and estrogen.

These are the main characteristics of our reproductive system, but in addition, in our body we also have what are our mammary glands that are responsible for producing milk, located in our chest and which must also be taken care of with great care. As a preview I want you to know that our vagina knows how to clean and take care of itself, by this I mean that the use of external agents to ''protect it'' what it really does is to change its pH and alter its bacterial flora, therefore, we must pay close attention to what we are told as a recommendation on many occasions for improvement, but ends up representing the opposite. But all this will be something that we will always talk about in depth as we move forward in the subject.

Today we have already gotten into the subject, next week we will start with the identification of possible problems, treatments and natural alternatives. At the same time we will know important meanings and learn how to measure our basal temperature (important to identify the cyclical stage you are going through). 

We will meet again, Daniela. xx

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On this occasion I would like to award 5% beneficiary to @cbuendia57 for her wonderful post about purpose herbs.

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This means: Sacred Feminine

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A stunning post @danielapevs ... so much work has gone into this. I love being attuned with the moon... it's been especially beautiful this week. Sowing, creativity, moods, tides.. it's so powerful!

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Absolutely, I agree that this week the moon has been awesome! Oh I'm glad you liked it 🥺🥺

I often think one of our superpowers as women is the connectedness we share with the moon and her cycles, this is an awesome post @danielapevs,💚🤗🌸

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Yessssss, that's our greatest superpower, woohoo!! Thank u so much 💚

You're most welcome dear xx 🤗💚😁

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Love the vibes you bring to the NM crew, awesome post @danielapevs.

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Thank you very much @justinparke your words mean a lot to me 🥺🥺

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wow is an amazing post!!! i Love it! well for me! I think that the Moon was an artificial spaceship or something like that, and that ship bring to us a civilization or some people in the past, I studied the amazonian and indigenas aboriginals tribes to latinamerica and anothers places in the world (antrophology studies) and they have a lot of myths about that , that they are the sons of the moon and theirs ancesters going to the planet earth,

Los Yanomami se consideran a sí mismos como Pulipulibará, o Luna, era un shamán de cielo que robaba los restos de los primeros indios Sanemá-Yanoama, que aún no tenían la verdadera sangre de hoy y morían como mariposas después de algunos días

The Yanomami consider themselves as Pulipulibará, or Luna, was a sky shaman who stole the remains of the first Sanemá-Yanoama Indians, who did not yet have the true blood of today and died like butterflies after a few days.