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While watching some old winter photographs taken in 2013 ...


... when my dog ... when all my dogs were still alive, I had an idea to compare those shots of the cloudy coastline ...


... with a bunch of sunny pictures with postcard atmosphere, taken some weeks ago.


The waves in winter sometimes look pretty creamy ...


... when they are about to hit the shore.


This is another summer scene, with distant mountains in the background.


This is another dramatic winter scene with more waves.


These seagulls were splashing near the shore on the 25th August 2021 ...


... and a bit earlier that day ...


... a friend found this pretty large dead jelly fish in the shallows.


On the 31st January 2013 the sea near the shore looked like a snowy meadow.


Here is a look at another blue summer scene with no foam and waves.


Here I zoomed at some distant industrial area across the bay.


And now, for the end, a quiet winter morning with no wind. And that's all. As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work.


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Manual selection by @cliffagreen.

Can those dead jellyfish still sting?

This species doesn't sting, dead or alive :) I mean, maybe does some small organisms or something, but human skin has no problem with it.

Aha a safe jellyfish.

heheeh yes :) user friendly.

Loved all the contrasts.


The view 😻

Beautifool place ;)) & big klobuk hat

I think you like photography very much and you put a lot of previous photography very carefully that is why the 2013 photos you shared with us. And the fish you shared with us in the picture is one of the most poisonous fish I've ever heard of in the world. And I remember very well.

When all my dogs were alive....

That's beautiful and hard to look at their pictures, isn't it?

It must have been something when that dog shook himself (herself) dry. Everybody nearby got wet :))

Of course all the shots are perfect.

True ... and some days is leaning towards hard, some days is mostly great feeling while remembering great times. But always a mix of emotions.

Yes :) that's the second or two before the shake shower.