Freshwater or Sea Fisherman?

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I'm still lyrical about the magnificent Champagne Valley in the Drakensberg, and one hobby hubby and both our sons really enjoy, is fishing.
We were staying in the Drakensberg Sun resort where they have a lake stocked with trout and bass/ Bass one can keep but the trout is on a catch and release basis.

Our oldest son, the calm one, is crazy about trout and bass fishing, hence his choice of holiday destination. Dad and son walking towards the lake surrounded by hills and the mountains on the one side.
I also joined the walk around the lake and could not stop snapping as it was just beautiful as far as we walked, so please bear with me, as I'll share the search for the best fishing spot with images taken by my cell phone.
I was just enjoying the walk and the stunning scenery.







Looks like they found the perfect spot, if there is such a thing, as they kept on moving in search of the part of the lake where the fish would likely be feeding; not so easy to find here!

The gear...






All they could show for all that effort, was a small bass which was returned to the waters, so it could grow into a bigger fish and tell all his underwater friends how he was saved by the friendly humans:)




Portraits and paintings at the Drakensberg Sun Hotel.

The son was luckier when they went trout fishing at the Doornkop Fish & Wildlife resort in Mpumalanga where the dams really are stocked well with trout; here one could keep the fish but had to pay by weight, which he really didn't mind as they enjoyed it afterward, roasted over the coals in foil. He managed to catch a couple and brought me two frozen trout when they came for a visit.



The youngest son enjoys dam or estuary fishing and took a break to the Umtamvuna River Lodge which has its own private estuary 'beach'.



The youngest son got lucky and caught a nice size 1.4kg Perch; he had been using expensive bait but after speaking to one of the locals, he went to the local supermarket, bought a small container of Chicken Livers for next to nothing, and that's when the fish started biting!
He was more than chuffed with his catch which he oven-baked in foil back at home, but we forgot to take pics of the cooked fish.
It had large bones, but the flesh was tender and very tasty.



These pics were taken across the bridge on a holiday last year at the Caribbean Estates where my son and sister-in-law both caught nice-sized snapper salmon. This is a really nice fish for the plate.


snapper salmon.jpg

The most gorgeous sunset across the Umtamvuna River with the bridge in the background.

bridge sunset.jpg

Dad's a seawater fisherman, loves getting sprayed by the ocean and the excitement of finding the best rock to fish from, watching the seawater tides as well as the phases of the moon which all play a part in when it's the best time to fish.


A nice catch of Shad during the season.


One of the most delicious saltwater fish still is shad.


I could go on and on about fishing as even my parents and brothers were all keen fishermen, but will end it here and would like to know if this is a hobby you are enjoying or could be enjoying during retirement?

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I only eat plants, unless in a survival situation... which might actually happen here at some point soon : O
So maybe it's a good idea to learn to fish, and have some equipment.

 10 days ago 

Let's hope that doesn't happen, we're fortunate here with plenty of fresh produce still, veg & fruit in abundace.
Thanks for popping in 😉

Great post about fishing, which brought back memories of my childhood...

My dad used to wake me up before dawn, at about 4 a.m. I didn't want to get up. But it was made up for when we'd arrive on our bikes or walk to the lake and cast our rods at dawn. It was terribly cold, sleep was not over yet, but everything changed with the sunrise, the bite and the first fish caught) These memories are priceless...

Thank you for your post!

 10 days ago 

The menfolk used to make sure they were at the fishing waters very early; Mom & I would pack the breakfast in the picnic basket and join them. I never fished but Mom did and often was the lucky one to casually land the first fish😄

Yes, I call it a woman's seventh sense) My mom is also a good fisherman!)

 13 days ago 

Nice post @lizelle, we love fishing. I started fishing when I was 7 years old. I would go with my older brother and fish the river . Then as I got older, I met a new neighbor who liked to fish also. She and I would spend hours lake fishing.
Oh yes, fishing is a great way to enjoy nature and possibly catch dinner.

 10 days ago 

Wow so you also fished! I used to watch them and do the cleaning, scaling and gutting them so that part all went back into the sea. Later on as a teen I'd hang out with my new holiday friends. Mom loved fishing though!
It is a great way to enjoy nature indeed, and the bonus of course was when there was something for the pan😉

 9 days ago 

Hey Lizzie, yup I love to fish, but I do NOT clean them. When I was young my brother did that, now the sweed takes care of it. But I will gladly grill them up. Good eating.
Amazing what's happening with #hive, things are looking good. Yipee!

 9 days ago 

Yep it's been quite a week for Hive!
As for cleaning fish, it's funny how that's one job I don't mind as long as it's done by the fishing waters, but I hate working with raw meat so am very very fussy where I buy it.
Hive has certainly been crazy, just fabulous 🥳🥳🥳

What absolute joy to have your lovely sons enjoy a hobby that your husband loves. It is wonderful to connect and be close to our adult sons, the best of life's gifts and even better you get to dine and eat the fruits of the men's labours.
What kind of fish is shad Silver Blond Lizzie? I have not hear of it in Australia? I certainly looked tasty cooked in batter, yum.

 10 days ago 

Here in SA, there is a short season where one is allowed to catch Shad, because of over-fishing. When the Shad bite, it's called a shad run as they bite as soon as the fisherman's line is in the water, it's quite a sight! They cannot be sold here either. It's one of the tastiest fish I've eaten!
Quoted from this link:

Elf or shad, (Pomatomus saltatrix) are relatively fast growing, migratory, schooling fish that are widely distributed around the world in both subtropical and warm-temperate continental waters. They appear fairly resilient to fishing, however, due to their popularity as a gamefish and their high catchability, they have been heavily fished.

a small container of Chicken Livers for next to nothing, and that's when the fish started biting!

The fish seems to like the chickens 😀

 10 days ago 

They certainly liked their livers, my son was pleasantly surprised!
Thanks for stopping by @sanjeevm.

How I love the thoughts of fishing even though I've not had the experience of it.

Nice scenery by the way, the picture quality is so amazing.

 10 days ago 

It's some beautiful areas, sure you'd enjoy even just watching the action, thanks @akubillionnaire !

What a nice publication friend @lizelle. Beautiful photos and good fish. That river has many fish.

 10 days ago 

Nice seeing you here @isabelpena, we are blessed with such beautiful areas still!
Thank you for your nice feedback my friend;)

 12 days ago (edited)

What a mouth watering post... especially the trout in between. What was the story about the trouts again? a yeah, that was another place... 😊

 10 days ago 

You remember the trout story, that fish was absolutely delicious!
I want to go back to the mountains, but the sea is closer, so that will have to do.
Nice seeing you my sandwich friend 😉🤗

I prefer freshwater - walleye if I have a choice to eat - largemouth bass to catch. They jump and shimmer their scales the most in my experience😎

Hello @lizelle, I took a delightful walk on this day. It really is a beautiful valley. Fishing is a wonderful experience and even more so if you are lucky enough to catch such trout. In Venezuela we have hatcheries and in the same place, we fish and eat them. Nice family outing. The photos are of very good quality.

 10 days ago 

Hi @belkisa758,we had such an awesome time, I'd love to be back there, it's so beautiful and the walks are amazing!
Glad you enjoyed the photos!

What a productive fishing day! I'm also a sea fisherman, mostly. Just the other day I bought some baits for lake fishing (can't wait to test). Cool to see the whole family fishing; my brother is not into it and my dad can never find time.

 10 days ago 

Ah no, so you're a lone fisherman, what a pity! Your dad should make the time as he's missing out on real special times but hopefully he'll find more time in the future. Thank you so much for stopping by🤗

Beautiful pictures! It's so nice to vicariously live through others sometimes, thank you for sharing!

 10 days ago 

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, thanks for popping in 😉

I love your photos and now it made me want to go fishing with friends!

 10 days ago 

LOL, I hope you get to you fishing trip, thanks @nicolasbernada!

Loved all the fishing pictures. Reminds me of fishing nearby Sydney. My favorite fish to catch are bream and whiting. Cheers

 10 days ago 

Bream is also a nice fish but we've never caught whiting.
Nice meeting you @jonamccallum 🤗

Thanks yes you too!

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The pictures look great but I am not into fishing.

 10 days ago 

Glad you liked the pictures at least, thanks @positivesteem !

Well i have never tried fishing in my life but would love to try it someday forsure

 10 days ago 

I'm sure if you enjoy the outdoors, you'd enjoy it! Thanks for popping in @funnyman :)