Grandparent stories: Posting contest - 150 hive to win - CONTEST NOW CLOSED

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The contest is now closed 01:00 UTC 24th August

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Win a share of one hundred and forty five hive - Three winners to be chosen

Hi folks, I'm running another contest - All you need to do is follow the simple guidelines below to be eligible. Judging will be done by a most legit fellow called @dandays, who's decisions will be final of course. The 150 hive is provided by @meesterboom, @tarazkp, @dandays, @maonx, @dreemsteem and myself, @galenkp and split as below. If you're keen to add to the prize pool let me know in the comments below, your generosity would be welcome.

50% of prize pool for first
30% of prize pool for second
20% of the prize pool for third

Note: The prize pool has now increased from 100 to 150 so there may be a slightly different distribution of the prizes - the 100 hive will still be distributed to 1st, 2nd and 3rd as above though.

Read and follow the entry requirements so you know what to do

Post topic: Grandparent stories

Basically just write about a moment shared with your grandparents or something your learned from them that impacted upon you; advice, wisdom or lessons or maybe tell us what they meant to you and why. It's your choice and your topic to design and create. If you didn't know your grandparents use another older person who impacted upon you.

Follow these simple guidelines for eligibility

✅ Write a minimum of 200 words in English
✅ Entries must be posted in the Silver bloggers community to be eligible
✅ Tag your post #grandparentstories (first tag please)
✅ Original work only - no plagiarising
✅ Use this title as follows: ⬇️

Title example:

Grandparent stories contest entry: @your-username

✅ Contest runs from now to Tuesday 24 August 01:00 UTC
✅ Winners will be announced in a post on my post feed

If you have any questions ask me below in the comments

Silver bloggers community

The contest is to raise awareness and interest for a hive community called Silver bloggers. It's a community where older, and not so old, people can drop their life experiences and thoughts, advice and experiences about various things: Life, travel, leisure, future-planning, crypto, wisdom and so on. All ages are welcome and it's a great place to share and learn at the same time. Take a look at the community page here and subscribe if you haven't already - It's a pretty cool little community.

I look forward to seeing your entries but please read the guidelines above to ensure your entry is eligible as it would be a shame for you to miss out simply by not using the right format. To be fair to all entrants only those meeting the guidelines above will be considered for judging.

Good luck to you all.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind

Discord: galenkp#9209

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Hello, @galenkp greetings from Venezuela. Delighted with this contest. I think I found it a little late. I realize I won't make it in time, however I will still post several stories of my grandparents in the community Silver Blogger comunity. Greetings.

Ah yes, probably a little late as it closes in ten minutes. Please write something though and I'll be doing another contest in another community in the next couple of weeks so maybe you can join that one?

Ok, thank you very much, very kind.

Hi @galenkp!
It is a very important and meaningful topic indeed. I would like to make a small contribution to this beautiful competition. If you see fit, I'd love to contribute 15 Hives.

Hi there @maonx, thank you for your kind words and generous donation to the prize pool. If you'd like to send it through to my wallet with the memo grandparents contest I'll update the post. :)

You're welcome :)
I wish success to everyone who will participate in the competition.

Thank you, I will amend the announcement post. Your generosity is much appreciated.

Oh, did not of the Silver Bloggers
Off to check it out
By the way “Silver Bloggers” is a cool name 😊

Check out the community, a cool little spot. I hope you may enter my contest too, no pressure though.

I read your comment yesterday, gave it some thought... what do I write about? I did not have a typical relationship with the only Grandparent I really knew... but I think I will share a story :D

It'll be nice if you do but don't do anything you don't feel comfortable with. 😊

Look forward to having you join us @kaerpediem!

Oh hey @fionasfavourites
I am loving the name of the community by the way, better than the "golden"
Coz I am still feeling hip - like Silver you know hahaha

Sassy silvers, that's what we are! You know you can pick a "community name"? Let me know when you do and I'll do the necessary 😀

It's a meaningful topic. I can't wait to check out the stories from participants.
It's gonna be a difficult job but I believe @dandays will be a great Judge. I like his fun interaction and engagement. 🙂

Let's see how it goes Trang, and you going to get involved?

I got the guidelines. Yes, sure I will participate and spread the contest :)

Good luck. Also, you changed your profile picture?

Yes, who else? haha I changed it a couple of weeks ago I remember :))

Hmm, I can't say I do to be honest, but I've been a little preoccupied lately. Looks good though.

What a great subject! I look foward to reading them!


Been a while. I hope you're doing well.

I'm hoping we get a few posts as I'd like to read some nice stories too.

:) One day! I keep current. I am doing great. I think you'll get a few stories. Who can resist ? All that fun and money too!

Fun and money is certainly a good motivator right?

Even on a bad day. :)

Of course, I'm kidding.

Lol...Fun is...Fun and money...Well, it can help fun happen, but is not critical to it.

Thank you for doing this @galenkp and to your co-sponsors, @meesterboom and @tarazkp. Choosing that legend, @dandays as the sole arbiter is a stroke of genius... 🤣 😝 🤐

I'm happy to help out in my small way. I hope it is successful and there's a few entries.

Choosing that legend, @dandays as the sole arbiter is a stroke of genius...

I'm a humble man, but I'll take it. 😆

Great idea, I'll try to participate. The only thing I object to is the title thing - can't it just be a stand alone title so it made sense for anyone outside of HIVE? I've always hated uniform titles. Love, Grumpy Bum.

Yay, I was hoping you would because you have a way with words...And I'd like to give @dandays something to do.

I am with @riverflows...I hate those standard titles... :P

I'm ok with you hating the concept. 👇



Me making my entry, me looking the name with hate... xD

 2 months ago 

Hope you enjoy reading my Grandparents stories, although I'm not to be eligible for any prizes.
Thank you @galenkp!

You said it all in this publication, friend @lizelle, you were your grandparents' darling. What wonderful memories.

 2 months ago 

What can I say except thank you from the bottom of my heart that you chose our dear Silver Bloggers community to run your contest; very apt topic indeed!
A big thank you to @meesterboom and @tarazkp for the added sponsorship AND I love that @dandays who is one of our most perceptive Hive bloggers, has accepted the role of judge and jury!

That moment you realize you haven't had any older person positively impact you through your life. Rip.

Use someone else mate...Me for instance. Lol.

Get involved brah, please.

Mentors? I met only one of my grandparents and the only RL memory is from when I was about five. I'm fortunate to have had many other "stand-ins"... even some who'd prefer not to be considered in the "grand" ito age category, but "grand" they are/were!

Oh now that's sad. As I say to my students, make it up :P

Good teacher😄

Lol honest at least!

I'd love to be a part of this contest because I am influenced by my grandparents. My post will be kind of a tribute to them❤️

This is awesome news and I look forward to seeing it.

I'm in! How nice to be able to write about those who have passed on.

Yay! I'm sure it'll be awesome!

This contest sounds interesting, I have many anecdotes that my grandmothers repeat over and over again and I listen to it over and over again 😅.

That's great, I hope you'll join in. Also, my grandad used to have to say things a few times...I was a bit thick-headed! :)

This is a good initiative to promote the silver bloggers' community. The prize is attractive too. Unfortunately, I never had a chance to meet my grandparents. But I did have a chance to get to know my wife's grandmother, so I think that I will write about her instead.

Thank you and I like your plan, it's a good one and will serve its purpose. :)

Wow, such a meaningful topic, there will be many touching and respectable stories here. Thank you for creating this contest.

I hope people get involved.

Thank you @galenkp for this awesome contest, and a bow to your generous co-sponsors @tarazkp and @meesterboom; I speak on behalf of all our active Silver Bloggers who I'm sure will be telling some grand old tales PLUS we look forward to hearing stories from many others in the Hive community AND of course hearing the final verdict from our judge @dandays!
Silver-Blond Lizzie on behalf of Silver Bloggers

It's nothing really, just a little concept to try and gain some attention to your worthy community. It's a pleasure to have the opportunity to do this sort of thing and attempt to make a small difference around the blockchain in my own way.

I had some great moments with my grand parents. To reminisce some of the experience I had, for sure, my entry will tell you more.
Nice concept from you to broadcast the #silveroggers-community

Posted via

We'll look out for your entry.

I do have some hardcore memories of my gramma, full olf love and joy, i think im gonna participate tomorrow <3

Hey there Jesús, that's great news; follow the guidelines and I look forward to seeing your post.

Is grandparentstories the tag to be taken as part of the contest? :D

You're quite inspiring. I thought I wouldn't be able to write on this topic at all, but it's already started flowing. 😂 You have some kind of magic spell, I'll say that.

@moon-city, I think you would also enjoy this contest. 😊

What can I say, I know the magic words I guess.


Nine thank you for tagging me! adding this to the list of contests to do
Hope your morning is going well btw

You're welcome! I see you got tagged in another contest along with me, LOL. I got up early this morning to hustle, hustle, hustle and catch up.

Ah I should have gotten up a bit earlier to catch up too LOL. Woke up at 9am and got right into some work things. Hahahhahah I was going to message you about the contest we got tagged into as well. Plates are packed, best of luck to the both of us.

LOLOLOL, I'm working on five hours sleep. Too much to get done, not only on Hive. Yes, best of luck to both of us!

 2 months ago 

I came her to call you a brown noser so I typed "you're such a brown noser" in the search bar and have no idea what this means.

You came "her"? Where is that?
I think you mean this, just a little different search words is all you needed.

 2 months ago (edited)

Dope grill, eh.

Dope grill? 😂

 2 months ago 

I mean did you see the Chevy emblem?? It was all like perfectly like centered and stuff like directly over the license plate eveeeen.

Of course that's what you focus on, of course, of course it's a chevy horse, how many horses under that hood? eveeeeeeeeeeeen

Reading this contest announcement just about put me to tears. I’ve been wanting to do a tribute to my late grandparents by sharing about their lives and how they blessed and impacted me as a young girl. Their lives still influence mine even as an adult.

Thank you so much for this initiative, it is right on time and I look forward to participating. Thanks to all the sponsors as well ~ 😊

You're welcome, I figure some of the little communities cold use a boost and that this is a legitimate way to do so. I look forward to your entry.

@galenkp thank you for setting up this contest! I am glad I will have an opportunity to put grandparents on the spotlight on Hive and share their stories.

@dandays well you are the most legit of the legit judges that comes to mind 😁. Can't wait to get started on this!

I saw your entry, thanks for getting involved. ✅

Friend @christinepoulos I hope your son can grant you the pleasure of being a grandmother soon, it is a very nice feeling. Good your post.

Thank you @isabelpena - I really hope so. Thank you for visiting my post

Thanks for getting involved. ✅

I saw it in the community. Thanks for entering.

Grandparents, as well as parents, are the ones who train you in education and your grandparents did very well with you. Greetings @farid21

Great contest. Offered some nice time bringing up memories about important people in my life who are no longer in it.

Here is a link to my submission:

In the photo and from what you say, you and your grandfather were very close. Psychologists say that this is good for the child's mental health, that is, that was very good for you @leifasaur.

✅ I saw it, thanks for entering.

You have too ingrained the influence of your grandfather, you learned his rules very well even though you once broke a streak. Those are the grandparents, the ones who teach the lesson with love. Lovely story @moon-city

Isabel you are absolutely right about teaching lessons with love part! In fact, I would say that it can nurture the person instead of being harsh with kids. Thank you for stopping by!

Hi @galenkp, thank you so much for this meaningful contest❤
Here is my entry :

Grandmothers have a lot of resilience. All a warrior your grandmother @thu172

A great contest Roo and a great topic even if I have to say so myself.
Also to the contributors, you guys are all stars and that judge certainly knows his business.
Thank you sincerely for this @galenkp

You're welcome, happy to help the community in general and the SB community also.

Thank you once again mate.

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

That’s an awesome community and post idea! Let’s see what some of the people come up with!

I’ll see what I can figure out to post about. I’ve known both my grandfathers and even my great grandfather so I know there’s some stuff in there that has stuck!

Just do what you can when you can mate, it'll be good to have you onboard.

Already finished it! Was an awesome trip down memory lane, thanks for that! Now gotta find some images to decorate it. I’ll schedule it for tomorrow or Thursday!

Yay! You're a quick worker bro!

Oh hey seems you missed the deadline by 40 minutes. The contest closed at 01:00 UTC 24 Aug. I have already announced the winners. I'll take a look at your entry nonetheless.

No problem my friend here in Venezuela the internet does its thing but I thank you, you don't know how good it feels to remember my grandparents thanks to your contest, I think that was a good prize.

Greetings and blessings.

I know your internet is intermittent which must make things difficult. I was going to send your post to @curangel for some vote love but I already sent one of yours this week and it will not accept another. Only once ever seven days is permitted. Maybe next time.

Wow I don't know what to say thank you for the support and well here I will continue to keep an eye on this community that is growing like many others and that are worth a lot to write in them, I was really pleased with my lines today.

You're welcome.

Will try this contest. I have a few lessons to share. Subscribed to silver bloggers community too. Heading off their to see what's going on there😃


All good, I look forward to seeing your grandparent story.

More like old people stories. Was too little when my grandparents were gone, only remember a few glimpses of them. Mom's parents died even before I was born.

BTW, my dad is old, like in late 60's. Can I share a few lessons from him?
As you mentioned lessons from old people would work too.

If you never knew your grandparents then goose some other older influence upon your life. See the guidelines. ✅

Hey, I decided to sit and write a post for this contest. It was fun to think about lessons I have learned from old people around me.

So, here is my entry: Grandparent stories contest entry: looftee

BTW, I was checking the tag #grandparentstories and I really enjoyed reading about @kaerpediem and @nineclaws stories and a couple of more. Really loved @nineclaws post. I think it's best entry till now. Hope that post wins this contest.

I also read a few posts in the silver bloggers community. They are full of good stories, wisdom, and helpful advise. Subscribed to a few people over there too.

So, thanks for sharing another awesome community with us. And thanks for creating a contest that inspired people to share positivity, and lessons learned from old wise people.

Will wait and see who wins, so I get to read the top 3 best stories from their grandparents/old people🙂


Thanks for getting involved and also for taking a look at some of the other entries. I agree with you, there's some very good ones. I'm glad I'm not doing the judging.

Thank you @looftee, I'm halfway through reading your post. 😊

I am in love reading about some of my friends' grandparents. A nice initiative that provides an opportunity to know our friends from closer quarters.

Thanks mate.

Hey! What a great and interesting topic... Let's see if I can give it a shot. My portfolio is full of photographs, but let's try to make a writing and I could also add some photos to the post...Thank you for this interesting, original and personal topic haha...

Give it a go for sure. Make sure you follow the guidelines in this post and I look forward to seeing it. 😊

Now what can I say, we all have a grandparent, diving into archives!

Another great topic for the silver bloggers to reminisce over.

Thanks @meesterboom, @tarazkp, @maonx, @galenkp beat of luck to @dandays one buzzing week ahead of you....

 2 months ago 

Thank you for this opportunity to bring someone I love back to life.

Aunt Jane

What a great contest and I'm so glad that it's helping to boost Silver Bloggers, I know the team are all doing a great job there. I've decided to create a bit more work for @dandays so he has less time to twiddle the thumb so will be back with my entry soon

Lol...Like he needs the work. This is why I chose someone else to do the judging. 😊

 2 months ago 

 2 months ago 

Aha looking forward to reading that story @livinguktaiwan!
@dandays certainly had a job on his hands with all the entries!
We are super thankful to @galenkp for running this contest here, it's helped our growth tremendously.

Woops, I need to hurry up as I have less than 24 hours left

Thank you, let's see who will be winner, im gonna take my time reading and commenting all of the participants i can find :)

Thanks for supporting the other entries. @dandays is hard at work trying to pick the winners. We'll know soon.

Im taking my time, and reading one by one, only the ones with the tag, :)

Yep, only the ones with the tag are considered entries.

Originally i mistaked and miss placed the tag, ended up editing the post to place it firts xD

Thank you, I saw it. I appreciate you taking the time to enter.

I enjoyed it very much, I am a lucky guy who has two grandmothers alive. They have marked me deeply in my formation, thank you for such a beautiful initiative. @galenkp

I'm glad you enjoyed getting involved with the contest. The best of luck with the judging.

Having a reward pool of 115 is just wrong.


I will happily up it to 144.4... Because all good things have "444" in it!!!! Hehehhee

@kaerpediem's post brought me here and also @penderis mentioned @dandays post too!!! So now I'm hearing about it twice!!!

I won't enter since I'm adding to the pool, but I am glad I get to support!

Gonna go back to reading Sheela's post now hehehee

Will send the 29.4 hive to you now!!!

Thanks mate. I'll probably round it up anyway for ease of use, but appreciate the generosity.

hahahahaha whatever works for you! it's really all about the fun and just putting my stamp of 444 love onto it hehehehe

of course do whatever you need :) and happy to support

i THINK mate means male or female? but just in case it doesn't... i'm a mate-ette. LOL

I'm Australian, mate means friend, buddy, pal, compatriate, person and so on. Mostly used for a man but is not exclusively used as such. I didn't know you were a mate-ette, my apologies although I call a couple of my female friends mate occasionally. In your case, had I known, I wouldn't have used it.

Your donation to the prize fund is very welcome and I respect your generosity. I just didn't want to put decimal points into my title. Doesn't suit my slightly OCD nature. 😏

Hahahaha I can appreciate OCD

But it's actually CDO
which is in alphabetical order

As it should be.

(Hehehehe I saw that on a t-shirt and fell in love with it!!!)

I will be happy to be called mate, mate-ette, or any other friendly term!!! ☺️

And I will look away from the lack of 0.4


As long as it's a friendly term it doesn't matter. Some of my mates call me the worst things...But with a hint of respect. All good! 😊

I like that t-shirt slogan!


Truth be told some of the worst things are also the funniest from some of the best friends!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

So true...In defence of my friends though, I call them worse than they call me. Well, maybe equal. 😬

 2 months ago 

Very nice of you to donate. The one I released is not for Galens competition @dreemsteem, i did that intentionally. I have the pleasure of judging Galens so I won't be entering.

That means you got a week to go jump in the one I promoted. Same community, it's a win-win.

make it a win win win win - and i'm in.

must be 4 wins for me to deem it worthy.. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

(and i'm sure it is! hehehe)

i will try my best but this week is running away from me and I have major updates on our project to produce hehehehe

if I can't get in - at least I will try to find a way to support that too! :)

 2 months ago 

I know what you mean about this week. Galens contest entries just keep coming in.

hehehehe that is a wonderful "problem" to have - so i will just celebrate that with you!!! hehehehe

Ahhhh attribute to the ancestors thats always cool and in the week where i am dealing with the inheritance thats a cool subject , time is the factor here ,
Good luck @dandays will be a silverlining in the judging i think

 2 months ago 

It's a new day, BrittandJosie. Not sure what day but it's new. Got a couple to go until this one wraps up and I've already consumed 27 entries. That's a lot. Does Galen know how to throw a party or what?!

Yes he keeps you busy untill the weekend is over and than comes up with a new one for next wekend ,

 2 months ago 


I forgot about the weekend. Thank you.

Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but due to the taken on galen task , you dont I repeat you dont have a weekend , your weekend starts Tuesday

 2 months ago