Maya Bradshaw's Daughter Has Been Legally Kidnapped And She Needs Our Help! Lets Show Her The Power Of @familyproction.

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At family protection we pride ourselves in raising awareness about families that are so often terrorised by CPS, SOCIAL SERVICES, MCFD and all the other government backed legal kidnapping companies that are tearing loving families apart at an alarming rate.

We are succeeding in shining a bright light on the darkness that goes on within this system, a system that thrives on splitting families up, all in the name of p̶r̶o̶t̶e̶c̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ money.

We are also raising funds in the form of crypto's that we hope will one day put us in a position where we can really start to help these families.



Doing everything we can to help bring families back together is a big part of our mission and although our funds are not quite there yet, we still believe we can do our bit in certain cases. Cases such as the one involving Maya Bradshaw and the theft of her beloved daughter by the wicked and heartless MCFD (Ministry of Child & Family Destroyers) in the province of BC, Canada.

This story was covered by @canadian-coconut a few weeks back. Ca-Co stumbled across this story on facebook and felt the need to share it with us here on steemit. Shortly after sharing her story @canadian-coconut and @markwhittam agreed that Maya Bradshaw should be on steemit and that @familyprotection could really help this family so we decided to contact her personally.

The Story in Full


Maya Bradshaw, @mayaabb is now a steemian and has been telling her families story in her own words.

In her latest post she let us all know that she has a chance to get her child back before she gets put up for adoption.




Maya Bradshaw has the legal aid, she has the court date, everything is in place. The only problem now is getting to the supreme court in the provincial capital of Victoria where the case will be heard and hopefully overturned. Maya needs our help to get to the court in the city where her daughter is being held captive.

We have been in steady contact with Maya and along with confirming her story with proof to @canadian-coconut she has also informed us of her predicament. The whole trip including gas, meals and accommodation will cost over $1200 CAD.

This is where we can help, the @familyprotection and steemit community can help this women, together we can make a difference, and we will.

We have started a powerdown on the @familyprotection account, this combined with the money that has been raised on @mayaabb's previous post and the rewards from this SOS post, we believe we can raise the money needed for Maya so that she can have one last chance to be reunited with her beloved daughter.

To all our community members we ask for your support in the form of upvotes and resteems, by doing this you will be directly helping a family in need. It's obvious to everyone who has watched one of Maya's videos that this woman is heartbroken and is in desperate need to get her precious daughter back where she belongs.


Together we can do this.

Lets show @mayaabb that she is not alone.

Lets show the world what @familyprotection and steemit is all about.



This post was written by @markwhittam


I'm SO happy to see this! Not the traumatic events that actually unfolded but that you are speaking out AND using the phrase "Legally Kidnapped". I thought I coined the phrase 6 years ago when my daughter was legally kidnapped.

I have a super, super disgusting story but I won't get into it because it would just be a venting. I can't write a blog about it because I still hurt and feel anger.

My daughter will be 18 on June 30th. She and I can then begin to communicate without fear. Although, it doesn't matter. She has been brainwashed to loathe me.

I pray for a much better outcome for this family. The public needs to wake up and see that our children and families are being exploited. It's like the dark ages. These are not isolated stories. It happens everyday.

Peace to you , Sister and all the many, many children going through this. I'm reposting and upvoting. You got my support!!

thank you, that too i smy fear, the fear of brainwashing, I have already seen that as well...I hope that one day you and your daughter will be there best of friends and look back at this tragedy and be happy :) And I hope that one day you can post your story with a happy ending :)

Grateful for your comment and compassion. People say, oh, she will be 18 soon and you will have her back. They don't get it. The daughter that was taken is gone. She no longer exists. This other girl, from what her sisters tell me, no one knows her but the kidnpappers. But, don't get me venting...

I am so sorry to hear how horribly you and your daughter have been treated.
If you ever feel that you can write about it, please make sure to use the #familyprotection tag so that we will see it.

I feared the brainwashing a few times.

Then I realized that by leaving proof of the truth with date and time stamps on them, a trail of truth is left for them to piece together. Once the child realizes that some of the narrative (or all of it) has been lies, they will reexamine it for themselves. As long as you're both still breathing, there is hope for reconciliation. It will come full circle.

And if it doesn't?

Then NOBODY CAN DENY the fact that you TRIED and the PROOF IS RIGHT THERE.

I don't fear the brainwashing anymore.

It's the long game. (NOT that it's a game, because it's NOT). I should say rather, it's the long strategy.

Thank you for this. It's all very complicated. Reading your words gives me an open heart.

Wow, this is important! What a great idea. Reality is on your side, so you make it work for you. @markwhittam, check this out.

Kids grow up and soon as they are able to, the ones that question things start looking for information. If they can't get the information they need (not allowed, no access, etc.), as soon as they turn of legal age, the hunt begins for some of them. For others, it doesn't begin until later -- but for many, the hunt will begin.

Leave a trail for them to find. Letters. Videos. A diary. Something. But leave it for them to try. One friend I have, has a box with every letter he ever wrote to his daughter, all of them returned to sender. But, there you have it -- proof.

Leave the trail. Let the chips fall where they may. If the child doesn't accept it when they are grown, you tried and there is proof that you did. You did the right thing.

It's great to see this community able to do this. I'm also messaging in the Discord group, in case I can offer some additional support. x

thank you so very much....I am so scared about the court but hopeful :) thankful that others have gotten together to help is amazing, i am so grateful :)

@mayaabb, would you like to have a coaching session using EFT, to support you in feeling less scared/more grounded about it? I can do it via video call.

Will feature this fundraiser and Pamela Part II on Jane's CHAOS Show tonight. MSP Waves Broadcast

thank-you @globocop for all that you do to help spread awareness.

It has become a calling.
This is too close to everyone to be ignored.

Hopefully, Pamela case will open up the CPS heart to find a better solution rather than doing these three things, threatening parents, kidnapping kids, and lying to everybody.
Keep spreading the positive message mam @canadian-coconut. You inspired me in conducting this social campaign. I wrote an article about this as well. About a mother experience. You can check my blog sometime. I mentioned you there as the one who inspired many people to spread the message to everyone.
Followed you.

We can do this! Let's do what we can to get little Victoria back with her mother where she belongs.

I hope she gets to see her daughter too. Even if she doesn't, I hope she realizes that by being on the blockchain, her daughter one day, can discover that she never gave up, that there is PROOF she never stopped trying.

Just let that sink in for a bit. For me, in a worst case scenario, is something that gives me hope.

thanks alot....I feel the exact same way, I have something to show, over a year of publicity and trying and now this, thanks to all here :)

Upvoted and Resteem I also sent over 25 STEEM and promoted this post in our discord and in the Project Milkbox discord to give it some more exposure. I hope this helps. Keep up the great work!

thank you very much :)

Familyprotection has power!
and I hope our help will change things for better!

Hi! I'd like to help make this happen. One question, please. Who should I send SBD to? @familyprotection or directly to @mayaabb? The reason I ask is because I suppose that the trip will ultimately be paid for in fiat, and I just want to know who is handling that conversion so I can send SBD directly to them. Good luck! I look forward to updates.

thank-you very much @steeminganarchy !
You can send it either place; directly to @mayaabb is fine.
I am helping her get her exchange account, etc. set up and will be walking her through how to make the trades and get the money into her bank account.

Sure thing, CC. I sent to Maya. I'm happy to help. Thanks for all you do as well. I look forward to great news and a victory post when Maya gets her daughter back!

thank you very much, I really appreciate the help :)

You're welcome! Please keep us updated here on Steemit as best you can. Best of luck to you.

This is exactly what this great community is about, reaching out and helping families stay together. I am so happy that Maya came on board, this is a great opportunity for the whole steemit community to come together and really make a difference. resteemed

Another reason why @familyprotection is so important. Real action in real time! Love this group. Big love to you all and will be sending my donation and big-love to our new member. Thanks @fp for bringing this to everyone's attention.

We are watching @familyprotection in action and it's wonderful to see. Resteemed for greater exposure. I hope this post goes even higher before it pays out. Let's show @mayaabb some love and care while she goes through this trauma. @ironshield

This kind of effect takes steemit to tangible , real and credible level .
despite all our differences we still human beings and we care and sympathy and help ❤️❤️❤️

I still fail to understand why the government can do such acts, tearing a loving family apart. I was moved by Maya Bradshaw's video- it got me crying a river. Glad you are now part of the steemit/ @familyprotection family, @mayaabb. May you get all the support you need to win back your child.

thank you :)

Legally, the state owns its citizens and their children. The state merely lends children back to parents to care for and benefit from, as long as certain conventions are maintained. If not, expect a knock on your door.

A birth certificate is a property title. Governments borrow money against the lifetime value of their citizens. The banking dynasties states behind states view us as so many cattle in a ledger.

Which is why we feel like helpless animals when caught in the clutches of the state. Child Procurement agents would never use the word, cattle, but they are brainwashed with other words that lead them to treat us that way. And we are brainwashed to accept it.

It's exactly what Morpheus tells Neo: we are slaves. It's not a metaphor.

my family needs your help too 😟

Although I understand sufficient money has now been received to cover Maya's current needs I hope we can add to the general funds to help Maya if she needs further assistance, or any others that need help from @familyprotection.

@familyprotection has been chosen to receive a donation of 15 SBD from the A Dollar A Day project - supported today by @pennsif, @cecicastor, @cryptocurator, @goldendawne, @mother2chicks, @starkerz, @vibeof100monkeys

Contact @pennsif if you would like to know more about A Dollar A Day.

I believe that some parents are gang stalked to the point of mental distress. Once the perpetrators drive the victim crazy, they orchestrate a set up to lock the target up in prison or a mental facility. When the parent is out of the picture, they can manipulate and abuse the foster child sometimes for profit. This is just a small but important portion of the complete non consensual human experimentation program. MK Ultra and Cointelpro style tactics are used for trauma based mind control. It's such a long drawn out process, that the target is unaware that they are going through it until it's to late.

you are doing something wonderful, it's a pity that I did not know about it before! I am proud of you!

Good job. But I didn't understand

la unión familiar es muy bonita, te invito pasar por mi blog

i love my mom. my father.
this post is family related. i like this post.

I hope the court proceedings goes in her favor. We love you Maya

Go power!!! May God bless you!!!

What happiness I feel to see all this work so important and full of love, thank you for telling us this story @canadian-coco, family is the most important aspect of our life. It is amazing all the support they gave our friend @mayaabb, there are still noble people in this world. Do not worry @mayaabb you'll never be alone. @familyprotection Thank you for this great contribution and for helping all the families that need support. It's a great job. I want to join your cause, how do I start?

May God bless you all and continue to fill you with success.


Upvoted and resteemed!

I Hope Your Help Will Change Things For Better Thanks For You, A Beautiful Post Correction.

my heart is with the mother, may the daughter be released as soon as possible and in sound health.

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We must unite, if it is within our possibility to help, forward, hopefully you can be your little one again, I followed your publications and was aware of your next trip, but I totally omitted my conscience that generated so many expenses.

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stop doing violence against children, love children. we love children

.I am very touched to hear the discussion of my friend in this post, my best friend, and noble heart, I want to do the same as my friend lakuka, that is helping others,

Omg why that government is kidnapping ?

I'm condolences, I can feel how if we lose the child we love, it is very painful. hopefully her daughter can rejoin as soon as possible with her family.
our fellow human beings must surely help each other in any way regardless of religious, color, country or other differences, because we are one human. I am here only able to pray for the good of his family.

It is really sad everything that they have had to go through, including the psychological traumas that this situation can develop, but finally a news that makes me happy, everything is in order, now all of us together can help the mother to arrive and be present in the court where the case of your daughter will be heard. I wish everything goes well and the little girl returns to the place where she must be with her mother. If you can, all together we will make it possible.

Thank you @familyprotection, for helping me once again to bring food to children who do not have resources and live on the street and to those who are victims of the system and have to go out to the street to eat.

Waoo me encanta este tipo de programa , en donde la ayuda es para las familias mas necesitadas , esto es importante ya que incentiva a muchas personas de tomar la iniciativa de ayudar , y asi brindarle un mejor futuro a los niños, saludos.