What's happening chez felt.buzz ?

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I have to admit I'm struggling to find the motivation to post anywhere at the moment. It all seems a bit pointless. Still creating my felt animals. This is what I made yesterday

I hope you guys are doing well ❤️


You too hiver

I hope you guys are doing well ❤️


Hi @felt.buzz! Why does it feel pointless? We all go through slumps from time to time. Maybe you need a new project, or to be part of a community that motivates you. We would love to see you in The Ink Well community.

I haven't written anything in a long while. Maybe I should! 😘

Yep. I'm often amazed at peoples ability to churn out posts every day. I'm lucky if I can do three or four a month. I just couldn't bring myself to work through a list of subjects and come up with an interesting and engaging 500-word essay.