It's breaking my heart for friends who have chosen the vax... );

I know - but the travel restrictions are really getting to people. My family are all considering being vaccinated. Not sure if you know but I was in hospital last month for 13 days from being positive. Now I don't need any tests until October. I sometimes wonder what was going into my body via the daily drips.

There is an ever-increasing volume of information that exposes the deadly danger of these shots! I hope you will be able to persuade your loved ones to abstain from permanently damaging themselves...

IMNSHO, the appropriate response to these state demands to subject oneself to a deadly, life-altering, experimental medical intervention is to dig in your heels, just say "H**l no!" and to stop any such insane tyranny in its tracks.

Wish that it was that easy @creatr - what about if you want to travel and can only if you are vaccinated?