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Hello Dearest Community!

I have finally finished the drawing with which I will be participating in this great challenge of the community of video games... The truth at the beginning it cost me a lot, I had quite a long time without making a drawing, I could even tell you that I did not do it since my time at school. Honestly, I threw a lot of pages in the trash, I even thought about not participating.

But after taking it easier and filling myself with a lot of patience and tranquility I proceeded to do it again, once I could get the touch again, I was elaborating my drawing in stages, it took me several days to finish it. I think that like everything, this adds up to many experiences and for me it also meant to find myself with memories full of beautiful moments of that stage of school, I have always been a somewhat corny person and quite detailed, in those times for my girl (What is better known as "SCHOOL LOVE"), I always made her some detail accompanied by a drawing, either with her name or with an animated character that she liked.

But not to bore you with my school nonsense, I present to you now:


Portada  Inovoker.png

I can say that many of us who make life in this great community know who this character is, but I also know that many others may not know and for all those who do not know, this character "INVOKER" belongs to the game "Dota 2".

"Dota 2" belongs to the MOBA genre, which is an action strategy game in real time, this genre is better known as "Multiplayer Online Battle Arena", in this game the player must control a single character usually with unique powers and abilities in a team, competing against another team of players, in the case of "Dota 2" the multiplayer games are 5 vs 5 and the goal is to destroy the main structure of the opposing team.

Now that you know where the character I drew comes from, I'll tell you a little about it and what it has meant in my time as a gamer.

Invoker  Dota2.png

When we talk about Invoker in Dota 2, we are talking about one of the most iconic characters of this great game, as it represents a challenge to know how to play it, the complexity of this hero at the beginning can be quite overwhelming and even quite tiring. Unlike the other heroes that make life in this game, Invoker manages 10 powers, usually the other heroes use only 4 or even less, since many of them have passive powers (powers that are not activated).

Invoker is a unique hero in this genre, you have to have a lot of agility in the fingers to make all these combinations of powers, obviously these powers the hero will learn as we go improving their skills, which will allow the use of all these. The skills are 4 and the powers as I mentioned before are 10.

Quas: This ability allows the manipulation of ice-type elements and also life regeneration.

Wex: This skill allows the manipulation of storm-type elements, this skill also allows an increase in movement and attack speed.

Exort: This skill allows the manipulation of fire elements and provides increased attack damage.

Invoke: This skill is the one that will allow us to Combine the 3 elements (Quas, Wex, Exort), thus creating a unique spell at Invoker's disposal.

Cold Snap: With this power Invoker can extract heat from an enemy and freeze him to the bone for a certain amount of time depending on the level of Quas' skill. The enemy will take damage and briefly freeze.

Twister: This power unleashes a fast twister that absorbs enemy units in its path, suspending them in the air before dropping them. This twister will travel longer distances depending on the level of Wex's skill and will keep enemies in the air for a time that also depends on the level of Quas's skill.

Ghost Walk: This power allows Invoker to manipulate electric and ice energies, making his body invisible. While Invoker is invisible and passes near his enemies, it slows them down.

Alacrity: This power allows Invoker to infuse an immense torrent of energy into a partner or himself, increasing attack speed according to the level of Wex's ability and damage according to the level of Exort's ability.

EMP: This power allows Invoker to accumulate a charge of electromagnetic energy in the place where it is launched, this will detonate a few seconds later, covering an area, in which if any enemy is found, it will lose part of its mana according to the level of Wex's ability.

Forge Spirit: This power allows Invoker to forge a spirit that embodies the strength of fire and the solidity of ice. Damage and armor will depend on the level of Exort's skill, while attack range, life and duration will be based on the level of Quas's skill.

Deafening Blast: This power allows Invoker to unleash a powerful sonic wave in front of him that inflicts damage to any enemy unit it collides with depending on the level of the Exort skill. The simple impact of the explosion will knock back any enemy that is close to it, but this knockback time will depend on the level of the Quas skill, then after the explosion the enemies will be disarmed from their attacks for a time depending on the level of the Wex skill.

Ice Wall: This power allows Invoker to generate a wall of solid ice directly in front of him for a period of time depending on Quas' skill level. The icy cold emanating from this ice wall drastically slows nearby enemies depending on the level of Quas' skill and deals damage every second depending on the level of the Exort skill.

Sun Strike: This power allows Invoker to send a beam of violent energy from the sun at the target location. This beam incinerates all enemies below it. It deals damage depending on the level of the Exort skill.

Chaos Meteor: This power allows Invoker to lure a flaming meteorite from space to the target to be eliminated. This meteorite upon landing, rolls forward inflicting damage constantly depending on the level of the Exort skill. The distance this meteorite travels depends on the level of the Wex skill. All enemies hit by the meteorite will burn for a few seconds and will receive additional damage depending on the level of the Exort skill.

In the following videos you will be able to see a professional Dota 2 player who is very popular in the Dota 2 community... He is Dendi Ishutin, one of the players who made up the champion team of the first Dota 2 tournament in 2011. You can see in the first video how Dendi uses the "Invoker" but in a free way (Practice) with unlimited powers without time of use, just watch the speed of his fingers to make the different combinations while throwing all the powers. It's quite impressive!


In this other video you can see some of Dendi's moves using the invoker in a real time game... The way his keyboard sounds when doing the combinations is something great, not only for the sound, but also for the speed he exerts when executing the skills and then releasing the power. It should be noted that it is a video of the Year 2019, use these videos of preference as I am a fan of Dendi and his old team "Natus Vincere" better known as "NAVI".


When I started for the first time in Dota 2 was something really nostalgic for me, since I came from playing Dota but in its first and only version of Warcraft III, this game was derived from a map that was adapted to the game of Warcraft III which has all the heroes of Blizzard ... Dota 2 gave that remastered touch that I personally liked a lot, by that time I had enough time playing and I knew the skills of all the heroes, although I must say that my main role is supported, being aware and serve as support for my teammates is something I like, all in order to protect them and not let them die so that the possibility of winning the game is entirely feasible... Although I can say that in this kind of games everything can happen in the blink of an eye, since the tables can turn at any time, a small mistake can easily result in a defeat.


Invoker represented for me a stage of improvement in this game, because after so much practice for hours learning everything about it and positionings, my agilities and virtues in the game improved considerably... It is important to mention that right now I am not currently active in the game, but when I was I reached in the Ranked a little more than 6500MMR, for those who know, this number was pretty good and today for someone who plays in Ranked mode, it is also a pretty good and respectable number.

Now talking a little more about the drawing... I want you to know that despite the inconvenience at the beginning, in the end I could end up enjoying it, because while I was doing it I could remember all those good times in which I had a lot of fun, I remembered moments of unforgettable tournaments that were made here in the country where I live, thanks to this drawing I could remember all those moments full of adrenaline where I met with my team of 5 to practice in a private house, we spent even days in practice and then go to the tournament. This drawing has been the best thing I have done in a long time and it was worth it to finish it.

Next I will show you a short video in which you can see how I was making my drawing, I will also be leaving the photos that I managed to take while I was moving forward with it.


Elaboration of the drawing "INVOKER"

This concludes my participation in the "Drawing Contest", I hope you liked it!

Some of the images and videos in this content were taken from the web, by clicking on them you can be redirected to their link page, everything else is of my total authorship... Thanks for reading and visiting my post, see you soon!

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Its very beautiful. Amazing gaming art.

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Thank you very much for your visit! I'm glad you liked my drawing, best regards.

You replied my comment. 😊 I am feeling happy.

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No big deal!


Excellent post

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Thanks for the compliment! Greetings bro...

te quedo fino el dibujo hermano

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I ended up liking it too hahaha! In the end I got a good drawing, I'm satisfied!

Wow leonidas, you have a lot of talent in the drawing. it is spectacular, congratulations, good luck. It is one of my favorites.

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It's a pleasure to have you here... I'm so glad you liked it and even more glad that it's among your favorite drawings of this challenge! Thanks for visiting me, greetings Miss!

Hi, friend @leogolj

I like very much your drawing.

I invite you to continue drawing. With constant practice, you will soon make your own creations.

A Hug

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Thank you very much for your words bro! I will take it into account, thanks for stopping by, greetings!

Well done post with good structure, incredible drawing with defined shadows and a very well chosen character for this challenge, I loved your post, keep it up.

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Good to see you here! Thank you very much, I'm glad you liked the post in general, you're welcome whenever you want... Be well, best regards!

I love your drawing. Makes me think of Final Fantasy.

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Final Fantasy

Thank you! Although I must say that this character does not belong to "Final Fantasy" but I imagine that you must find some resemblance. Greetings!

Yes yes. Maybe so I think. Greetings back.