Hive Gaming Community Daily Curation Project - 28/02/2021

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Hive Gaming Curation Report

Welcome to another installment of Hive Gaming Curation.

At Hive Gaming, we strive to highlight the best gaming content on the Hive Blockchain. We have scoured the community to find some posts that truly stand out in quality and engagement.

Engagement within the gaming community will only make our community stronger. So be sure to take some time each day and visit posts of others.

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@equipodeltaMy entry Drawing Contest - HiveGamingCommunity: Drawing Abigail on my style. Stardew Valley. (ENG/ESP)

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@knowhow92Axie Infinity - How to beat "Slime Knight" (Adventure Level 21)

GamerPost Link
@darthnavaRetro Gaming Blogging Challenge: The 5 Video Games I Would Like To See Remade

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@marcoquinReady 2 Rumble Boxing - Only one fight makes it addictive

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@lionsaturbixTwinBee Reviews of the small Nintendo console and one of the best Retro video games of the time. (ESP/ENG)

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@josecarreragGame Over - Shadow of Tomb Raider [ENG]-[ESP]

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@mtzrene[Esp-Eng] Retro Gaming Blogging Challenge: Day 3 - Video Games I have Completed

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Thanks for you super support community! <3 <3 <3

Thanks for you support!

One of the most supportive communities on Hive!

Thank you ✌️