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Time for another HiveGamingCommunity contest!

Hello Gamers! This time we have an awesome contest planned and we are really excited about it. As gamers we get to see a lot of different characters in the games we play and out of those we usually pick a favorite. Everyone has that one special character that has affected us in some way and stayed with us throughout the years of gaming. That's why this contest will be about you not only telling us who it is but actually drawing you own version of that very special game character.

We are going to leave the rules pretty open for this contest so you get as much creative freedom as possible. That means it can be your very own version of your favorite gaming related character. It can even be a mix of multiple characters you like. You are free to create this how you want. We are allowing both traditional and digital art. (Pixel art is allowed as well.)

This isn't going to be the type of contest where the one that is best at drawing automatically wins. We are going to look at different aspects of every post and you will get points for creativity, drawing skills and the written parts alike.

How you can take part in this contest:

  1. Make a drawing of your own version of the game character that is your favorite(both digital and traditional art is allowed)
  2. Tell us in your post why you chose this character, how you made the artpiece(tell us a little bit about the process of making it), how this character has affected you and anything else you think we ought to know about it.
  3. Post it in the HiveGamingCommunity and use the tag #hivegamingart .
  4. No tracing allowed. We realize that some people might not be very skilled artists but as we stated earlier this is not only about who is the best at drawing. The post will be looked at as a whole with art and text.
  5. It has to be gaming related.

The artpieces that you share for the contest must be your own. No stealing from the internet to take part. If you are caught cheating, then your account will be downvoted and you will be muted from posting in the gaming community.

There will be one prize to take home for the one that the HiveGC team will select as a winner but we will also be actively curating the entries together with OCD. You may only enter the contest one time, so make sure to make it good and that you spent your time creating it. The prize will be 20 HBD.

The contest ends when the timer runs out so make sure to use all the time you need. We can't wait to see what everyone can come up with and we are sure that we will see a lot of amazing entries in this contest!

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I can't wait to see what people come up with. :]

My favore video game character is the Stickman so i drew him virtually, ill take my 20hbd thanks.

That's one creepy stickman.

wdym he's so cute!

Seven days seem a bit short for a slow potato like me, but challenge accepted! This will justify my latest gaming obsession at least xD Fingers crossed I make it on time.

I hope you make it! :D

Yo guys! Thanks for the chance to participate in this awesome contest. I wish u all a lot of fun and I'm here with my entry:


Hi, there is this one old game I used to play. I wanted to draw it's character, would it be ok for the competition?

fantastic, I am anxious to start working on my drawing.

@tipu curate

nice contest! I'm not good at drawing at all but I'll try anyway 😁

Hi, can a reference photograph be used for the drawing??. For instance drawing from a photograph of a game character. I understand many people have different opinions about "Tracing". The source of the photograph will be included in the post.

Yes as long as you make it clear which reference image was used and you don't trace it or completely copy it then it's fine.

Alright, I'll love to participate. This is a really cool contest.

Can the characters be from any game? It feels like a silly question but i just want to make sure.

Yes any game is allowed! This also includes board games and really any type of game you can think of!

I love the idea, I'll try quite a bit!

Greetings, excellent contest, I will prepare my game drawing

I kinda suck at drawing but I'm going to do it, in honor of my favorite character.

Good morning,

Can the post be bilingual? I would like to introduce my project to my community and friends as well.

That should be no problem at all!

Okay, great. Thank you for response :)

I’m totally gonna to it!! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

Hello i have been out of town for a few days and was wondering if the results are out yet?

Not that I am aware of.

and when does the contest end? or until when is there an opportunity to publish? it was not very clear to me.

There seems to be a countdown that says Tue Mar 02 2021 12:00:00 GMT+0000 so I think that is when it ends. I think that means March 2nd GMT time, but I'm not sure if that 12:00:00 is AM, PM, or 24 hour time. I'd guess 24 hour time, so I think there is about 22 hours left. Not 100% sure though so maybe someone else can clarify.

Here is my entry to contest : https://ecency.com/hive-140217/@catharsis/my-entry-for-drawing-contest
check out my friends.

Curious on the results?

@hivegc how about those who draw it using applications such as Photoshop or other photo editing applications?

That works! Any type of digital art is allowed.

Hello, im here with a question about the HiveGamingComunity. would it be alright if i started posting my videogame related art here? it excites me to see a gaming community holding an art competition, so i was wondering if i could start posting here. If not i understand, but thank-you if i can.🐱

That should be totally fine. Anything gaming related is welcomed in the community :)

Hi @hivegc, here's my entry for the Hive Gaming Art Contest. It was really nice participating.


Here's my entry for the contest
Mr.Traveler and friends from Cave Story



The first action hero of gaming... the legendary hero from Atari's Adventure!
Armed with his (her?) trusty sword.

This is My Entry for the drawing contest


Mi favorite character is Zoey from L4D so here´s my entry for the contest:


I wish I had seen this sooner ;-; It's farfetched buut... I just recently made a fanart from a game I played. Is it alright to use that one? :>

If not, I'll be sure to look out for the next :>>

this is wonderful I sign up! I will do my version of a character that I really like... It will be interesting to see the others too

I have a question! Sorry to bother you...

Can I participate with two pictures (Two different game characters)? Do they have to be in the same post or should they go separately?


Well it should be one entry per person. So same post and we will rate them as one.

Guess I should have linked to my entry here as well, few days old but here is my doodle of Tidus. Hope you all like it!